A closet full of clothes and I have nothing to wear syndrome!

A warm hello from the desk of HC,

I frequently go through moments when I feel like I have nothing at all to wear OR that I will waste a good outfit on a wrong occasion- Do you go through similar situations? I thought to use this platform to share some ideas so we can benefit from and use these towards the upcoming summer events as Eid, Iftaar parties etc.

*From what I have learnt its very important that you are comfortable in your own skin. You could be wearing a top designer outfit but if you are not comfortable carrying it then it will ruin your entire look and all your efforts . Know your personal style and then choose clothing items based on that. We all are different from one another hence things look different on all of us!

* Choose an outfit that brings a smile to your face. If you love what you are wearing then most of the work is already done. Choose your style and let it be unique to yourself.

* Whats in these days? Well fashion keeps on evolving and changing which keeps this industry rich and creative but don't change yourself to fit the fashion- Change the fashion to fit you. With long and short kameez style I have had a lot of clients come in confused as to what is actually in and what is out- For me whatever suits your body type and personality is always in!

* Play around with existing pieces in your wardrobe- Think of it as a game! Not only will you come up with newer and fresher looks for yourself but you will also be able to reuse your outfits that you have already worn. Always invest in separates so you are able to use them again to create different looks and styles. Jackets these days are PERFECT for this reason!

* How much should I dress up? there was a quote that I read once and still remember to date was that while coming out of the door remove one accessory before leaving-  Less is more specially nowadays with hot summer days so keep your look fresh and simple.

And lastly....If you are lucky enough to be different don't ever change!


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